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History of Woodside Road United Methodist Church

Early in 1952, the Golden Gate District Superintendent, Rev. John Wilkins decided that another church was needed in the western area of Redwood City. Assisted by Mr. W.I. Turck, the land parcel at the corner of Woodside Road and Alameda was bought April 15, 1952.

The project committee consisted of Reverend John Wilkins, Reverend Clifford Crummy, Mr. Roy Payor and 5 families in the area. The Turcks offered their home as a temporary meeting place.

Significant Dates:
November 22, 1952 Adult Bible discussion group - 65 people
January 4, 1953 First Sermon - Reverend John Wilkins
February 29, 1953 First Pastor - Reverend Aubrey Clark
May 17, 1953 Church chartered - 83 members
April 11, 1954 Ground breaking
Feb. 1953 – Nov. 1954 Used Seventh Day Adventist Church for services
November 1954 First building ready to use

A Holiday Jamboree was held in the new building on December 4, 1954, and a turkey dinner was served to more than 500 people. The building was consecrated on January 23, 1955. With a rapidly growing membership, a new sanctuary was planned and dedicated on January 5, 1965.

Additional classrooms were built, until the current facility was completed in the early 70's. We had an International Christian Youth Exchange (ICYE) program from 1959-1979.

Through the ICYE program, 17 of our youth lived with families and attended school in a variety of other countries, and many of our church members hosted international students in their homes for a year.

In 1995 a campaign was begun to upgrade our facilities. Money was pledged and plans developed. Working in stages, rooms were modernized and pitched roofs installed to replace the original flat ones on the wings. The General Contractor was Harold Campbell, a United Methodist from southern California who specialized in helping smaller churches do this with much of the labor being done by local volunteers. For a short time, we also had help from a group of NOMADS from other parts of California (Nice Old Methodists Doing Stuff)!

November 2004 We celebrated our 50th anniversary and dedicated the renewed facility. A time capsule was buried behind the new lighted sign at the corner of Woodside Road and Alameda de las Pulgas. Former pastors Donald Cunningham, Susan Meikle, Lauren Chaffey, and Rob Kirk were able to participate in the service; Linda Snyder, another UM pastor who grew up at WRUMC, gave the sermon.

Pastors :

  • ('54-'61) Ralph York
  • ('61-'70) Donald Cunningham
  • ('64-'67) Robert Hardman, Associate Pastor
  • ('70-'73) J. Warren Sanders
  • ('73-'78) Lewis Lint
  • ('78-'86) Richard Watters
  • ('86-'87) Joe Brownrigg
  • ('87-'91) Huston Green
  • ('91-'94) Susan Meikle
  • ('95-'97) Lauren Chaffee
  • ('97-'01) Rob Kirk
  • ('01-'04) Lilia Lopez-Rahman
  • ('04-'06) Audrey Ward
  • ('06) Candice Cessna
  • ('06-July '15) Warren L. Dale
  • ('15 July) Katie Goetz


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